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  • Concept of 'Waiting on'
  • Creating a 'Waiting on'
  • Resolving a 'Waiting on'
  • How to see anything that is 'Waiting on' me
  • 'Waiting on' in your grid view 

Concept of 'Waiting on'

A 'Waiting on' is a way to tell where the responsibility lies for a current piece of work.

Eg - you can have a matter that is 'waiting on'  one or more of your team members to complete specific tasks or supply some vital information.

Creating a 'Waiting on'

Automatically created

These can be created manually or trigged by events that happen within LawVu (eg When a matter is waiting on scoping or when a contract is waiting for approval etc)

Manually created

Here's an example showing how to create a 'Waiting on' in a matter.

When you create a 'Waiting on' you'll be able to select a person and send them a message. That person will receive an email notification and an in-app notification and a notification to our iPhone app (if they are using it).

Resolving a 'Waiting on'

Once the 'Waiting on' has been sent - you'll see an indicator which you can click on to reveal the details and mark it as resolved if need be.

How can I see things that are waiting on me?

The easiest way is to just go to your personal dashboard (the 'Home') icon in the left menu. In there you will see a panel that lists everything currently waiting on you.
You can click through to the actual item and resolve it as need be.

Waiting on in your grid view

Be aware that while you can display a 'Waiting On' column in your grid view, you cannot apply any sorting or filters. This is because you can have multiple 'Waiting ons' for a single matter and there is no consistent logic for the software to apply to a sort request. Should it sort by priority, the date of each waiting on, alphabetically by first name, or by surname?

A better way to prioritize your pressing matters in the grid is to use a My Matters view, add a column for Next Task Due Date and sort chronologically.

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