How to progress along the Contract Lifecycle

The contract lifeycle allows you to illustrate and communicate the status of a contract from drafting through to execution and even expiration.

As the contract progresses through each stage simply click the proceeding icon to shift the contract along the LawVu Lifecycle. This enables your team to stay informed as to the phase the contract is in. This also makes it easier for your organisation's internal business users to know the current state of play without having to continually request updates from the legal team.

Approval workflows can be attached to any stage and automatically applied to contracts of your choice. You can also implement financial delegation approval flows for contracts that exceed a preset dollar value.

The contract cannot be progressed along the lifecycle until the approval conditions have been met.

How to Shift back to a Previous Stage

The ability to push a contract back a stage was changed due to overwhelming demand, but LawVu will reintroduce this functionality in an upcoming update.

Once that feature is reinstated it will likely be hidden behind permissions so that org admins can control who has that ability.

In the meantime, you can move it back yourself by voiding the contract. Note that voiding can only be done by the Contract Owner, but anyone can change themself to the Contract Owner. Simply use the Directory button to search for and allocate yourself. Once you have allocated a new owner, refresh your browser to make the ellipsis button appear.

Void the contract via the ellipsis (three dots menu), refreshing your browser, then unvoiding (three dots menu). The refresh is important as the unvoid option doesn’t load immediately.

If you have a document in there already, do not worry - it won't disappear. You can progress the contract back through the stages and then download it, physically sign it (if needs be), and then upload it at the signing stage.

As the contract gets reset back to the "Draft" state you will need to go back through any approval processes.

Alternatively, if your approval workflow is too onerous for a quick fix, you can just let the LawVu team know the contract ID in question via the Support Chat button in the bottom left of the screen. We will then organize for one of our developers to push it back to "Signing" from their end.

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