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  • A new home for matters
  • Saved views

A new home for matters

Instead of various matter lists being scattered around the application, we've now consolidated these to a super simple list with the various 'views' included within the navigation.  This makes it far easier to find your matters, far easier to train your team and makes it far easier for us to support. So it's a win-win. 

When you click into the new matter list you will see a number of views in the navigation. In the example above, the 'All matters' view, is selected.
Below that is a 'My matters' view. Other system generated views will be added here based on the permissions that you have.

Saved views

Saved views can make it really easy for you to quickly change what you are seeing in the matter list (or contract list if you have the contracts product enabled).
Previously these were hidden away in a drop down menu above the matter list and felt a little clunky.
Now they are included as part of the over all navigation system and switching between them is super fast.

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