In previous versions of LawVu we had a product called the 'End User Portal' (or EUP for short). The concept for this is that it provided a place for your business users to gain easy access to legal resources and knowledge.

In LawVu 2020 we've expanded on this and simplified things by pulling that functionality right inside of LawVu.

So - if your organisation uses the LawVu Knowledge management product then 'LawVu Home' will be available for you.

As well as maintaining the original functionality of the old EUP - we've greatly enhanced the experience by incorporating articles from the knowledge product directly into the homepage.

Articles themselves have been extended so that you can create links through to other articles, matter forms, contract forms, and external resources - effectively allowing you to create decision trees - all within LawVu.

LawVu Home will become your intranet for legal resources.

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