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LSP's and LawVu

External Legal Service providers (LSP's) are a vital resource for in-house legal teams.

Maximize ROI and get even more value out of these trusted partners by leveraging the power of LawVu to streamline sending instructions, scoping work, collaborating in real-time and managing spend all in one connected system

Simply get in touch with your contact at LawVu. They will assist you in setting up vendor management so you can invite your preferred LSP's to collaborate with you in LawVu. There is no cost to the LSP for doing so.

How to invite your LSP to LawVu

Ensure Vendor Management is enabled for your organization, and that you have been assigned either the Org Admin or In-house Legal role.

Select the Directory icon in the left taskbar, then click the Add Organisation button at the top of the screen.

If your search reveals that your LSP does not already exist in LawVu, then click the Invite a new organization to LawVu button. You will need to enter the email address of a key contact there to whom you can send the invitation.

If your LSP already exists in LawVu then you can link to them by clicking the “Invite” button. Once the invitation is accepted the LSP is added to your Directory.

Matters can then be assigned to the LSP under the Matter Manager role. If a matter is assigned to the LSP via the Assign to organization button, it will enter their intake queue, from where they can assign a specific Matter Manager themselves.

Be aware that the matter will remain in your organization's intake box until someone from the external law firm actually accepts the assignment. This is to ensure you do not lose oversight of the matter under the mistaken impression that someone else is handling it.

When accessing a matter, the LSP user will have virtually the same view as a user from your own organization, with the exception that the LSP user can only ever be assigned as Matter Manager or Delegate Matter Manager, never Matter Owner.

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