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Firstly, a little history.
When we launched LawVu, we had a pretty good idea of what people wanted to capture when they created a matter ... or so we thought.
Over time, we've been getting requests for 'additional fields' in the matter creation process. That in time turned into 'I want these fields, but I don't want to see those fields'. It started to become apparent that we needed to rethink the way we built these things.

Introducing 'Custom fields'.

Today, the only required field (required by the LawVu system) is 'Matter name'. 

Here's a typical matter creation form showing any required fields, default fields (removable on request) and custom fields (we can create and add these on request)

Custom fields are attached to 'Matter types' - and will appear every time you create a new matter of a specific type.

What types of custom fields can be created?

Text, Number, Price (Currency), Single checkbox, Date, Slider

For a comprehensive list with examples of how to work with custom fields, please see this article.

Where will custom fields appear?

Custom fields will appear in the following places:

  • in a Matter / Contract creation form

  • in a Matter / Contract preview (for standard/business users)

  • in the Matter / Contract details tab

  • In the Matter scope management tab

Can custom fields be included in the scope?

Yes. Custom fields can now be included in the scoping process.
Note: A custom field can either be included in the scope or as a field in the matter details area - it cannot exist in both places at once.

Can I use custom fields to filter the matter grid?

Yes. We recommend setting up 'saved views' of the matter grid with just the information that you need as this will help the grid load nice and quickly and enable you to easily switch between different views as you need to.
See this article for more help customising the matter grid.

How do I create custom fields?

How to add custom fields to matter / contract types

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