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The LawVu Gmail add-in is designed for people who work in Gmail and want to be able to send data back into LawVu.

With the LawVu Gmail add-in you can quickly and easily create new matters and conversations and, optionally, include the content of your email. You can easily CC new email messages into LawVu.

Reply, Reply all

This means that you can reply to your message via Gmail and have the reply captured against a matter that you select in LawVu.

Clicking one of these options will let you search for a matter in LawVu (or select a recent matter from the list).

Then, when you select the relevant matter, the matter's email address will be copied into the 'CC' field in Gmail - allowing you to easily send the message to LawVu.

Save attachments

Just as simple as it sounds - this option lets you save the attachments from an email directly into the 'Files' section of a matter in LawVu. By clicking "Save attachments", you should be able to search for the matter you would like the files to be saved to or simply choose from your most recent matters.

Create a new conversation

Every LawVu matter can have conversations and the Gmail add-in makes it quick and simple to create a new conversation on an existing matter.

After you've selected the relevant matter, the new conversation will be titled with the email subject - you can then add a comment and optionally include the content of the email (this will be saved as a .msg file in LawVu) and any attachments (saved directly into the 'Files' area of the matter).

Create a Matter

You can create matters directly in LawVu from the LawVu Gmail add-in. Just select the relevant email, open the LawVu add-on and choose 'Create a new matter'.

The first thing that you will need to do is choose the relevant 'Matter Type' then press next. 

You can then supply a name for the matter (we'll use the email subject by default but you can change this), decide if you want to include the email content, and finally you can save any attachments.

Note: Due to restrictions from Gmail, we can't include all of the custom fields that you might have associated with those matter types. Gmail maintains a very tight reign on the type of fields that can be utilised.

After the matter has been created, you can opt to open the matter in LawVu and continue filling out the matter details or just click 'Done' to return to the start.

Installation and authorization

Open Gmail and look for the 'settings' icon along the top right side. Click that and then choose 'Get add-ons'.

A pop-up window will appear and you can search the Gmail marketplace for the LawVu add-in.

When you see the add-in, just click on it and then click 'Install'

Authorising the add-on

The first time you use the add-in you will need to authorize it.  Click the 'Authorize access' link. 

Then another pop-up window will appear asking you to confirm your google account and allow LawVu to access Gmail. Just click the 'Allow' button.

Once the add-in has been installed it will appear in the sidebar of Gmail - just click on it to open it up.

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