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This article outlines how invoices can be deleted prior to posting, or voided once they have been posted. It assumes you understand the process of posting invoices. If not, ensure you read the following: Adding Invoices for your Clients

Make sure you have the right permissions

Invoices can be a sensitive thing so the person uploading the invoices will need to have the appropriate permissions. These permissions must be set by the account administrator.

Deleting Invoices

Once the last invoice in a batch has been uploaded the preview window will close and a grid view will display a breakdown of the invoices in the batch.

Invoices can be removed using the delete button in the top right corner of the screen. Go to Invoice batches > select the appropriate batch and click Delete. Note that an invoice can only be deleted before the batch is posted. Once deleted, all traces of that invoice will be removed.

Voiding Invoices

Once a batch has been posted, invoices can only be voided by the Matter Owner or their delegates. This can be done either before or after the invoice has been approved.

Having selected the appropriate invoice, click the Actions button in the top right of the screen and select Void.

A pop-up box will appear requiring confirmation:

If you are working on a large invoice batch, you can make use of the date range option from the grid and filter the invoices weekly, monthly, yearly, or a specific date range. With the desired invoices highlighted, click Void.

Voiding posted invoices will leave a record in the batch view, highlighted in red with a strike-through.

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