In our October release, the experience for all Business Users within LawVu has been simplified and restricted, ensuring you can log new requests, review the status of the matters you have raised, and request further updates, all from our new preview feature.

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An overview of LawVu

LawVu is a powerful and flexible software solution for in-house legal teams. It incorporates matter and contract management, outside counsel management, knowledge management, reporting and analytics.

How to request help from your legal team

  1. Log into LawVu at

2. From the top toolbar, click the + Add new button in the top right of the screen and select the appropriate option.

3. Select the appropriate matter, click "Next" and complete the form.

Essential fields will be denoted in red. Attach files as required. You will not necessarily need to assign the matter upon creation; it will drop into your legal team's intake list and be assigned to someone from there.

How to review the status of your previous requests

  1. Click the Matters icon in the left sidebar, in the example below, we have selected Matters.

2. Your matters will be displayed in a list-with-columns format, called "the grid".

3. Click on the required matter to open the preview window on the right side of the screen.

4. From this view you can check the current status, request a status update or contribute on a conversation.

How to use the Conversations module

Check out the following article detailing how conversations work in LawVu by clicking here.

How Business Users can create contracts

Should you need to create not only matters but also contracts, then please talk to your Administrators to see if they can give you Contract Contributor permissions

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