Product updates:

  • We implemented some improvements to the PDF invoice format


  • Time entries statuses were showing as 'entered' even after posting them

  • Capitalized contract group titles were overriding alphabetic order

  • Some users were unable to rename folder templates created by another user

  • Description format was incorrect in contract file preview

  • Replacing an option in the Other party field was still reflecting the old option when searching

  • A user reported getting an "Internal Error" when sending a contract to DocuSign

  • Search for DocumentID wasn't working in matter/contract files

  • A user had reported getting "Internal error" when trying to edit Word or Excel online.

  • Contract lifecycle state Syncing issue

  • Stopped showing the count of restricted Amendments or SOW to users who are not members of them

  • LSP user was unable to update matter tags

  • Remove feature "'Manage invoice recipients" from Admin options for LSP users

  • Some users were seeing erroneous "<div>" text in the Description field

  • Error messages had been reported by some users when changing the state of a matter

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