All matters that land in your intake queue are visible to users who have the ‘manage intake’ permission. It can be challenging for larger organizations to triage the intake queue when there are multiple legal teams specializing in different matter types. With the team intake feature enabled, users will only see matters that have been assigned to their team, making the triage process easier.

This article covers

  1. How to assign teams to matters, and

  2. How to manage intake notifications

How to assign teams to matters

To assign teams to different matter types, click the Settings cog > Matter Management > Matter Types, then Settings.

Select a matter type, go to the settings tab, select the appropriate team under 'Team Ownership' and click Apply now. This will open the "team assignment modal'.

Select Change team to assign the team only to new matters created.

If you wish to assign the team to current active matters, as well as to newly created matters going forward, ensure you select Change team and reassign matters.

Once you have assigned the team, the users in the team with 'manage intake' permission will see only matters assigned to them.

Matters that are not assigned to any teams will also be visible to users who have ‘manage intake’ permission.

Note - To know more on how to create teams, click here.

How to Manage Notifications for Intake queue

To turn on Intake notifications, click on your initial on the top-right corner of the screen. Click on 'my profile' and go to 'notifications'.

Scroll through notifications to find 'Intake notifications'. It will show you the list of Teams you are a member of. You can decide if you want email, in-app, or all notifications. Every time a matter hits the intake queue and is assigned to your team, you will be notified of it.

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