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What is LawVu Contracts for Salesforce

LawVu is the first truly connected legal workspace for in-house legal teams. From intake to insights, it provides a single source of truth for connected in-house legal teams.

LawVu Contracts for Salesforce creates a direct integration between Salesforce and LawVu to streamline the way your business teams create, send, and manage contracts with the legal team.

What are the advantages and how does it work?

The LawVu for Salesfoce app saves time, creates visibility through the contract lifecycle, and reduces risk by ensuring consistent client information and contracts are used.

Business users can create contracts in LawVu directly from Salesforce, so they’ll get the benefits of routine contract automation without the extra effort of sending an email or logging into another tool. This saves time, improves their experience with the legal department, and ensures that legal work lands in LawVu.

Information from the Salesforce opportunity auto-populates the contract at creation so there’s less data entry and better data quality, which means less work, lower risk, and faster cycle times.

Once the contract is created it becomes part of the legal team’s system of record; they can control their work, take advantage of LawVu Contract Lifecycle Management features, and capture consistent data they can use for insights and reporting.

Information from LawVu about the contract's lifecycle stage, who is managing it, expiry dates, and other key information, is embedded directly in the Salesforce opportunity. This creates a real-time window into the status of the contract as it moves through its lifecycle, giving self-service visibility to the people who need it.

Salesforce users can conveniently download the document from Salesforce at any point in its lifecycle.

How to get started using the app

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