LawVu Business Portal is our newest dedicated portal, through which business users can connect directly with their legal team. It replaces the classic LawVu 'Home', bringing new enhancements that make collaboration between legal teams and Business users more efficient.

In this article, we will be covering the main differences between the two interfaces from the perspective of:

Standard (Business) Users

Until now, Business users accessing the classic LawVu home saw this:

With LawVu Business Portal, users will enjoy a more streamlined user interface that meets their expectations. Upon logging in, they will see:

  • A simple top menu to navigate to available sections (My work, My actions, Knowledge Base)

  • The current article for the Home page (if one has been selected by their Organization Administrator)

  • Curated content to welcome and better assist them in doing their jobs.

  • The 'Make a Legal Request' button (there has been no change to its functionality)

Furthermore, the page can now be customized by Administrators to include the organization's logo, image, and name.

Previously, to raise a request (or matter) with the legal team, Business users clicked on 'Add New' and then selected 'New Matter':

In contrast, Business Portal users can go to 'Make a legal request'.

With LawVu 'Home', Business users checked on their work via the 'My Matters/Contracts' icons on the left-hand side of the panel:

In Business Portal, they will see all their work displayed under 'My Work' and divided into two tabs: 'Matters' and 'Contracts'.

Another addition to the Business Portal is the option to toggle on/off 'show team matters'. This lets you show/hide matters that have been assigned to the team the user is a member of:

'My Actions' has now moved from the right-hand side of the screen... the top bar:

The Knowledge Base also has a new location, shifting from the left of LawVu 'Home'... the top menu in LawVu Business Portal :

Search has also received design upgrades to improve the user's experience. Just as before, you can initiate searches from any page in LawVu Business Portal. However, the search results displayed are solely relevant to the category you are searching in. For example, if you search for the word 'Request' under the 'My Work' tab, you will receive the matches available under Matters:

For more information about the Business user experience of LawVu Business Portal, please read this article: The LawVu Business Portal for Business Users

Contributors/In-House Legal Users/Administrators

While Contributors will enjoy a customized and improved 'Home' experience similar to that of Business Users, the post-login landing page for In-House Legal/Administrators will be The Hub.

Administrators will now be able to:

  • Completely customize 'Home/Business Portal' for Business users

  • Create role-configurable landing articles

  • Create limited-access articles so they can present users with relevant resources and request flows.

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