Release notes for 29 March, 2022

A list of all the new content added to LawVu in release 196

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Bug fixes

  • Invoice Summary PDF was not overflowing. We all love a bit of mystery. But not when it comes to the Client Adjustments and Approved for payment sections on page one of your invoice summary. These were being truncated in an ugly and unhelpful fashion. After some engineering wizardry, these are now displaying as you would expect.

  • The inactive matters list in reporting displayed an incorrect number of matters in the grid list. Regardless of the timeframe selected, the report always displayed the data for 30-60 days. The lack of comprehension regarding the required timeframe proved to be very comforting for those concerned that machine intelligence will soon take over the world. For everyone else this was highly annoying, so we have fixed it.

  • For LEDES invoices, approving the invoice with edits displayed incorrect invoice value in approved for payment. We've all heard the phrase "More money, more problems." This was a case of "Less money, more problems", as edits made to deduct amounts from invoices were not being displayed correctly in the Totals. This has now been corrected.

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