Release notes for 07 April, 2022

A list of all the new content added to LawVu in release 199

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Product Items:

  • We released the ability to access contracts and matters directly from search results.


  • Corrected an issue in Knowledge base where words in Italics were overwriting themselves in the sub-heading. Standard literary conventions state that italics can be used to emphasize a particular word or phrase in a sentence in informal writing. In this respect, the italics in the LawVu Knowledge base were a complete failure; not only did they not provide emphasis, they rendered as almost illegible. For those who enjoy adhering to strict academic writing rules, this provided an ideal opportunity to rewrite their sentences to infer the desired emphasis. For everyone else, we just fixed the issue.

  • Disable the 'expiry date' as a grid attribute for contracts. This legacy field was creating conflicts in grid views that also utilize the actual expiry field reflected in the contract details. We are not huge fans of ambiguity here at LawVu, so our preference is to utilize the field that actually contains data.

  • Updated the wording on the reassignment confirmation modal to exclude completed matters. In order to preserve an accurate record of historic work, completed matters have never been able to be reassigned. The logic behind this is so cunning that the assignment modal actually kept it a secret. Thus, confusion reigned when reassigning. Now the modal informs users that completed matters will be excluded from the reassignment process. Clarity rules!

  • Corrected an issue when opening matters where users received internal error alerts. Somehow users had managed to create duplicate values for a field, and our system thought, "That's unusual, I'm now going to lock this matter down so no one can view it." In terms of preventing further issues from occurring this struck us as an effective if somewhat heavy-handed approach. No matter how embarrassing a mess there may be inside, LawVu will now still open the front door and let you into the matter.

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