We are excited to announce the launch of our new LawVu Business Portal and Contract Self-Service!

The Business Portal provides a better connection between the legal team and the rest of the business. It does this by simplifying the initial request process and enabling the relevant parties to quickly and easily review statuses and keep up to date with developments. The Business Portal has been designed to save time and increase productivity.

Your experience in LawVu differs depending on the role you have been assigned.

In the sections below you will find out what has changed for your role, and how you can take advantage of the new improvements.

If you wish, you can skip straight to the relevant section:
1. Administrators/In-house Legal members
2. Contributors

Your experience as an Administrator or In-House Legal member

The first thing you'll notice as an Administrator or In-House Legal logging into LawVu is that your Home page has now been removed and the interface has a brand-new look and feel

Don't worry; you still have access to the same data information you're used to.

Your recent items are available from your Hub's Recent Work widget

You can raise a matter/contract from the top right of your screen by using the + Add New button.

Your post-login landing page will now be the Hub if you have not made another choice in your profile (to change your landing page, go to My Profile > Settings > Landing page.

We encourage you to view this article, for a full description of the changes : The next generation Workspace explained

Your experience as a Contributor

If you have either a Contributor license for Matters or Contracts :

Then logging into LawVu will land you on the LawVu Business Portal home page. Your Administrator has set up this page for you so that it is easier for you to connect with legal.

Here is an example of what you might see, keeping in mind the display will depend on the customizations made by your Administrator:

Select from the buttons on the home page to navigate you to the right request from the legal or contract you require. There might also be a decision tree where the required path is determined by the options you select.

The Knowledge Base article you previously had visible on your Home Page is now available in your Knowledge section.

We encourage you to view this article, for a full description of the Hub and other changes to the interface: The next generation Workspace explained

Your experience as a Business User

If you are a Business User, then you can read more about the portal in this article : The LawVu Business Portal for Business Users

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