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March 2023
Release notes for 20 March, 2023
Release notes for 20 March, 2023
A list of all new content added to LawVu in release 287
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Product Enhancements:

  • We changed the text for the buttons in the 'Add new contract' modal to 'add by wizard' and 'add by upload.'

  • The 'Contract Details' panel was widened for easier viewing, and we reduced the scroll area.

  • We updated the formatting of the 'contract executed' notifications.


  • We updated the contract data extraction process to return multiple versions of a field for the data extraction feature that's in development.

  • During internal testing, the percent sign partially covered the "+" button when using zoom > 100% in the contract preview screen.

  • In internal testing, when a user tried to post an invoice to a matter using an invoice number that had been previously used, when they clicked on the hyperlink to view the matter, the preview opened the wrong invoice.

  • When a duplicate invoice number was used, clicking the hyperlink to preview the matter where the invoice number was initially used, didn't open a preview.

  • Sorting by 'Approved fees' or 'Fees difference' from the Invoice batch grid resulted in an internal error message, and invoices could only be seen once the sorting was removed during internal testing.

  • When a date range filter was set, and there were no invoices for the date range applied, the invoices module went blank during internal testing.

  • During internal testing, the 'selector' column was visible in the column manager/selector panel in the 'Invoices' grid.

  • When selecting the default option for a field on a contract type in the 'create' form in contract settings, the default option didn't carry over to the 'create' form when uploading a contract.

  • In internal testing, when a contract was sent for signing using the 'stage' button, the completion form didn't show field options for LawVu fields and didn't pull in values selected in 'Contract Details' for specific contract types.

  • During internal testing, an Approver was automatically removed from the workflow of a contract.

  • A user in one org received an 'internal error' message prohibiting contract creation.

  • One user didn't receive the in-app notification concerning a status update.

  • A user trying to delete a contract could not click the 'delete contract' button and had to delete the contract from the grid.

  • In one org, the dropdown field disappeared for a user as soon as they tried to select an option.

  • Duplicate 'a contract has been executed' notifications were received by a user in one org.

  • During testing, the date and time in in-app notifications were incorrect for an internal user.

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