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April 2023
Release notes for 27 April, 2023
Release notes for 27 April, 2023
A list of all new content added to LawVu in release 296
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Product Enhancements:


  • We changed the 'matter assigned date' column to reflect a date rather than a time descriptor.


  • The contract completion form now displays the new required fields modal.


  • We modified the language in the Engage module so that the 'manual' invoice type was replaced with 'Non-LEDES.'

  • We changed the Header summary of invoice files so that the word 'draft' doesn't appear after a LEDES invoice has been approved.

  • We removed the 'inc GST' wording from the invoice modal.

  • We removed 'exc. GST' from the 'Total Tax' column that appears in the 'Invoices' area.


  • The action ribbon didn't display details concerning an action and was missing the background color.

  • The fields in the invoice modal were only editable for an LSP user who uploaded a PDF file of an invoice if they closed the modal and then re-opened it.

  • A user trying to approve invoices received an 'error approving invoice' message after clicking the 'approve' button.

  • When we exported the list of users for one organization, the number of users listed didn't match our internal records.

  • The wrong user count was displayed for all the modules in Settings > Account Details.

  • The time listed in the version history of a contract needed to be corrected.

  • The bulk assignment of a user to a large volume of contracts wasn't completed after 24 hours.

  • An LSP user uploading a LEDES invoice saw a read-only preview of the invoice modal instead of one that allowed editing.

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