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Creating and applying 'approval workflow templates'
Creating and applying 'approval workflow templates'

Approval workflow templates exist at a global level and can be applied to any contract type.

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Creating a workflow template

Navigate to Settings > Contract Management > Approval Workflows. Click the Workflow Templates tab and click Add template.

A small window will pop up, allowing you to name the template and create the new workflow template.

To delete a workflow template, hover over the ellipsis button on the right side of the template.

Adding approval phases to the workflow template

To get started, click the '+' button inside the light green workflow template, and a new, empty approval phase will appear.

Here you can give the approval phase a name, add the appropriate people to it, and set the behavior for the phase.

You can also set approval phases to be:

  • 'Required' - This phase cannot be removed when on a contract

  • 'Locked' - This phase cannot be removed OR edited when on a contract

Once the approval phase has been created, you can continue to add further phases if need be.

Applying the workflow template to a contract type

PREREQUISITE: If you haven't created any contract types, you'll need to do that first, then return here once that is complete. Learn more about contract types here.

Now that your workflow template has been created, you can apply it to your relevant contract types.

Click over to the 'Approval workflows' tab and choose the appropriate contract type from the menu on the left.

In the screenshot below - a contract type called 'Corporate' from the NDA group has been selected. You will be presented with a map of the available 'Lifecycle' stages for the contract, and you can apply your workflow templates to any of the available stages.

Click on the lifecycle stage that you want to apply the workflow against and click the '+' button. (In this example, I have selected the 'Approval' lifecycle stage'.)

A small pop-up will appear, and you can select any of your previously created workflow templates.

NOTE: You cannot apply a workflow template directly to an end contract - it must be applied to a 'contract type'; when a new contract of that type is created, the workflow template will be applied accordingly.

Editing or removing workflow templates

You can edit or remove a workflow template at any time, but this will only take effect for any new contracts that are created - or for any contracts in progress that haven't yet reached the relevant 'lifecycle stage' where the workflow template has been applied.

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