Getting Started

Familiarise yourself with the LawVu workspace and basic concepts

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The InsideVu

Stay informed: latest updates and highlights of our powerful new features

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The Hub

Home to your files, planner, tasks and time entries

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Review your pending actions and conversations to stay on top of your most critical tasks

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Matter Management

A comprehensive guide to matters in LawVu

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Contract Management

Learn how to manage and work with your contracts

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The Grid

Organise, save and report on your work

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The Business Portal & Knowledge Management

Allow business users and the wider team to self-serve

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LawVu integrates with numerous systems - learn about those here

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Spend Management & E-billing - working with Law Firms

Whether you are a customer or a law firm, learn how to manage matters, scoping, and invoices

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LawVu for Administrators

Everything you need to know to set up LawVu Workspace for your team

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Roles, Permissions & Notifications in LawVu

Set your team up for success with these permissions and roles in LawVu

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The LawVu add-ins for Outlook & Gmail

Simplify email handling: save and track emails from Outlook and Gmail to LawVu

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Measure the performance of your teams, operations and feedback

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Frequently asked questions

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Coming Soon!

What new features are coming to LawVu in the future versions of the product? Read detailed descriptions and see examples in this collection

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Our terms and privacy policies

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The LawVu Academy

Learn new skills and level up your knowledge of LawVu

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Pro Tips

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Video Tutorials
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