Release notes for 19 May 2020

[AU & US to be released 24 May 2020] List of changes included in Release 94

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The following items are included in Release 94:


  • A setting has been added to Organisation Settings to enable/disable the large buttons on LawVu Home

  • Category Management has been added to Organisation Settings > Knowledge Management which allows Article Managers to create, amend or delete Article Categories.


  • Users are able to request a status update from matters on LawVu Home

  • Personal landing page setting is no longer displayed to other users within your organisation

  • Menu items no longer automatically expand for other organisations when viewing invoices within Vendor Management

  • New tags can be created from the File Preview

  • Opened modals are hidden when a user is logged out

  • Enabled the ability to scroll lengthy drop down menus to cater for small screens

  • Users can now seamlessly access matters with the Access All Matters permission

  • Row actions have been removed and text fields are now clickable

  • Restricted label appears on Restricted contracts

  • Date & Range selector is displayed when viewing a list of invoices

  • User can now delete incorrect versions of files and contracts

  • Cosmetic changes to the display of text links

  • Budget bar no longer appears below Matter Owner and Matter Manager on the Matter screen if there is no fee value on the matter

  • Counts have been added to My Views and Shared Views on the Grids

Performance and Maintenance:

  • Worker updates to fix errors

  • Table updates for Milestones and Tasks

Urgent fixes already released:

  • Users can download .msg files from the File Preview [7 May 2020]

  • Matter filtering fixed in matter grid [7 May 2020]

  • Styling changes to support Firefox and Internet Explorer 11 [8 May 2020]

  • File history is now appearing on the File Preview [8 May 2020]

  • Documents containing UTF characters can now be previewed [8 May 2020]

  • Bug with a double ?? that causes login to fail on SSO resolved [11 May 2020]

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