You can preview matters and contracts without opening them in full, from the Preview panel:

The preview mode is built around giving you 80% of what you need to see 80% of the time, which dramatically speeds up the LawVu experience. It allows you to quickly check in on the status of a matter or contract without navigating away from where you are currently working or jumping directly into the full record.

The preview mode lets you quickly look at a matter or contract to check on its progress and see what is going on. To this end, with two exceptions, the preview mode is essentially read-only.

The two actions you can undertake from within the preview mode are:

  1. Request or add status updates.

  2. Contribute to an existing conversation or begin a new one.

For Business Users working on a matter, the preview mode defines the extent of their access within LawVu. Business Users are primarily concerned with checking on the status of the matters they have raised with their legal team, and preview mode enables them to do this. They can also continue contributing to the work on their matters by adding messages and files in conversations.

For contracts, business users have more options. They can use the Contract Self Service to work with them directly from Preview mode, enabling them to self-upload, self-serve, and manage their own contracts.

Preview mode locations

  • Grids : Preview matters and contracts from within their respective grids.

  • Matters : Preview contracts from within the associated matters.

  • Contracts: Preview linked matters within the associated contract.

  • Contracts : Preview Statements of Work from within the associated contract.

  • Notifications : Preview matters and contracts depending on the type of notification. Be aware that if the notification is for an action, clicking it will take you directly to the item. This is because it is assumed you will want to complete the action, not just view it in read-only mode.

Selecting the fields to display in preview mode

Your LawVu Administrator can decide which data fields they want to be displayed within the preview mode. To see how this is done, check out this help article on creating and managing fields.

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