Linking matters and contracts

A legal matter will often derive or be directly connected to a contract

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Legal matters are often linked to other matters or contracts that extend from it. Linking matters and contracts together in LawVu can be used to clearly identify a matter's connection to other information stored in the platform.

To learn how to link matters with parent and child relationships, check this article.

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How to link contracts to matters

To link a contract to a parent matter:

  1. Click the + icon at the top of the contract name;

2. Or from the Overview tab of the contract, expand the General Information accordion.

As you start typing the matter name or ID, the autofill feature will provide suggestions for all matters that match the characters you've entered.

Once the matter and contract are linked, you can access the matter from within the contract and vice-versa. Note: Currently, it is only possible to link existing contracts to matters from a contract. It is not possible to link existing contracts from a matter.

If the contract you want to link to doesn't yet exist in LawVu, you can add one from the Contracts tab of the Matter by clicking +Add contract.

Note that a matter can have many branching linked contracts. However, each contract can only have one linked primary matter.

To modify the parent matter of a contract, you can easily do so by either clicking the ellipsis button located above the contract name or accessing the Linked Matter section within the General Information accordion.

Inherited Membership

When linking a contract to a matter, the current members of the matter will be automatically included and inherited to the contract and will be granted the "Member" access level.

Any changes made to the members of the parent matter, whether adding or removing members, will also be reflected and updated in the associated contracts.

Removing the link between the parent matter and the contract will automatically remove the inherited members.

When linking a restricted contract to a matter, matter members will NOT be automatically inherited to the contract. It is necessary to manually add members to the restricted contract.

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