How to duplicate contracts

Create a copy of an existing contract

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Sometimes, you may find it necessary to generate a new contract record that closely resembles an existing one. In LawVu, you can set up the contract once and easily create multiple copies as needed.

You need to be a member of the contract and have the 'create contracts' permission to be able to duplicate it (users with limited membership cannot use this feature).

Open the contract and click on the ellipsis button as shown in the short clip below and select 'Duplicate Contract'.

Optionally update the name of the new contract.

You can change the contract document by uploading another file from the local drive or from LawVu.

Indicate whether you want to copy over associated files and key dates.

Click on the 'Create Duplicate' button, and we will jump you straight into the new contract, where you can make any adjustments.

The duplicate contract will be created in the Draft stage, and will copy the field values from the original contract.

The new contract will automatically inherit all members and teams of the original contract.

The user who is duplicating the record becomes the contract owner.

Any approval workflows configured for that contract type will be applied as if this was a newly created contract.

Frequently Asked Questions

If the original contract is a child of a matter, will the duplicate record also be a child of that matter?

If the original contract is a child of a matter, the duplicate record will also be a child of that matter. However, only the ancestry above the existing contract will be duplicated, and any downstream relationships such as Statements of Work and/or Amendments will not be duplicated.

What notifications are triggered when a contract is duplicated?

Members of the duplicate contract will receive a notification that they have been added as a member. If the existing contract has a parent matter, members of the parent matter will also receive a notification that a new contract has been added to the matter.

Users who are part of the Contract Administrators group will receive a notification that a new contract has been created.

What if I duplicate a restricted contract?

Only members of a restricted contract will be able to duplicate the contract. Duplicating a restricted contract creates a restricted duplicate.

Can you duplicate Amendments and SoWs?

Currently, it is not possible to duplicate Amendments and Statements of Work that are linked to the existing contract.

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