In this article you will learn how to create contracts in LawVu:

Ensure you have the 'Create contracts' and 'Preview contracts' permissions to add contracts in LawVu. To check your permissions, click on your initials on the top-right of the screen, go to 'My profile' and 'Permissions'.

If your role in LawVu is In-House Legal or Administrator

Once you log in to the application, you can easily and quickly create contracts by clicking the '+Add new' icon on the top-right of the screen.

If you have implemented a contract wizard, you will be presented with a screen where you can select from two options:

  • Create New โ€“ complete the contact form, which will auto-populate the field content into the template

  • Upload Existing - upload your contract from your local drive or from LawVu, then complete the contract fields to provide more context

If no wizard is set up, you will be directed to the following screen, where you can upload the contract file from your local drive, or if the file is already available in LawVu, you can locate it by browsing through your Matters, Contracts or Knowledge resources.

A dialogue window will open where you'll be prompted to select a 'Contract type'.

Read more about contract types here.

Once you select the contract type, the screen will update and show you all the fields set up for the contract type alongside the file in one view.

All fields marked in red are mandatory fields.

After you've filled in all the required fields, you can assign a team as well

Click 'Create contract record' to save your contract in LawVu.

If your role in LawVu is Standard User or Contributor

You can create a new contract by accessing the large 'Create a contract' button in the set of 3 buttons from your Business Portal page.

Or use the Article contract buttons (if they were set by your Admin) to enter and complete the creation flow. There may be a decision tree available where you are directed by a few decisions, similar to this one :

From this point, the process follows a similar flow to that outlined in the previous section.

To read more how you can work with contracts as a business user/contributor, please check this article : Contract Self Service

Other ways to create contracts

Creating contracts via an URL

As an Administrator, you have access to a direct link to open new contracts, that you can share with your users.

Browse to Settings / Contract Management / Contract types and hit the Settings tab of your selected contract type.

Selecting Open in Home opens the create form of that contract type so you can log a new contract immediately or use the Copy Link option to share the link with a user.

You can also create new contracts :

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