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Creating a new contract from a contract wizard
Creating a new contract from a contract wizard

Speed up and simplify the contract creation process.

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What are contract wizards?

A 'contract wizard' is essentially a 'master' contract your organization uses to generate customized instances of that contract.

For example, let's say you have a standard NDA you want to use each time you require an NDA with another party. You could use that contract as the basis for a new contract wizard so that whenever you needed to generate a new NDA, you would create it from that wizard.

LawVu would then fill in the contract with the key information you provided every time a new contract of that type is created. Then you can view the newly generated contract and even send it out for signing via one of our digital signing integrations.

How to create a contract wizard

To create and set up a new contract wizard, get in touch with your dedicated CSM (Customer Success Manager).


The use of wizards requires the use of either LawVu managed or your own Formstack account. We use Formstack to create low-code contract templates (Contract Wizards) that automate the creation of contracts from LawVu.

If you are using our LawVu managed Formstack account

With a LawVu managed account, you'll share your template contracts with us. We'll embed the LawVu fields and code and upload these to Formstack on your behalf. One of our team members will collaborate with you and assist in configuring the required placeholder fields for your wizard.

To learn more about this process and how to begin setting up a wizard, check out the guide you'll find at the bottom of this page.

If you are using your own Formstack account

Then you can create and upload the templates to your own Formstack account and link these to contract types in LawVu using the Formstack URL for each template.

To create a new Contract wizard you will need to:

  • Have your contract template in Word format

  • Have the LawVu field merge codes available from contract type settings for the contract type you want to automate

  • Embed the merge codes and any supporting logic in your contract template

For guidance on the above steps check out the guide you'll find at the bottom of this page

  • Upload the completed template to your Formstack account

  • Copy the Formstack URL for the template and add this to the Formstack URL in LawVu. To do this navigate in LawVu to Settings /Contract management /Contract types /[Contract type X] /Settings tab. Copy the relevant URL from Formstack and paste it into the Formstack URL field for the contract type settings.

You should test the new template by creating a new contract in LawVu from that wizard and reviewing the results for accuracy.

To update a template you will need to update the merge codes and/or logic in the document template, then upload the new template to your Formstack account. If you are not creating a new contract type, then you will not need to update the URL field in LawVu.

We recommend speaking with your CSM/ISM to discuss the options of LawVu managed vs. using your own Formstack account, to determine which will best meet your specific needs.

How to generate a contract from a contract wizard

You can generate a new contract by clicking the '+ New' button.

You may also use the Create a Contract button or an article button if you're a Business or Contributor user.

If you have implemented a contract wizard, you'll see a dialogue box allowing you to select from two options:

The 'Add by Wizard' option – lets you select a contract type that has a contract wizard in place. The wizard auto-populates the field content into the new contract.

Determine the method used to create a contract

To identify whether a contract was created through wizard or through upload from your My contracts/All contracts grid, add the Creation Method attribute to the grid.

You can then filter on it to view only Wizard created contracts for example:

The LawVu Contract Wizard advanced guide

This document outlines the basic process for inserting merge codes, the process for linking your template to a contract type in LawVu, the process for updating your existing wizards, and some advanced complex tricks.

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