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Creating a new contract from a contract wizard
Creating a new contract from a contract wizard

Speed up and simplify the contract creation process.

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What are contract wizards?

A 'contract wizard' is essentially a 'master' contract your organization uses to generate customized instances of that contract.

For example, let's say you have a standard NDA you want to use each time you require an NDA with another party. You could use that contract as the basis for a new contract wizard so that whenever you needed to generate a new NDA, you would create it from that wizard.

LawVu would then fill in the contract with the key information you provided every time a new contract of that type is created. Then you can view the newly generated contract and even send it out for signing via one of our digital signing integrations.

How to create a new contract wizard

To create and set up a new contract wizard, get in touch with your dedicated CSM (Customer Success Manager) or reach out to the support team via the chat bubble on the bottom right of your LawVu screen. One of our team members will collaborate with you and assist in configuring the required placeholder fields for your wizard.

How to generate a contract from a contract wizard

You can generate a new contract by clicking the '+ New' button.

You may also use the Create a Contract button or an article button if you're a Business or Contributor user.

If you have implemented a contract wizard, you'll see a dialogue box allowing you to select from two options:

  • Add by Wizard – lets you select a contract type that has a contract wizard in place. The wizard auto-populates the field content into the new contract.

  • Add by Upload – allows you to upload the contract from your local drive, then complete the contract fields to provide more context and ensure efficient search capabilities.

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