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Required Permissions

You will need the Contracts module enabled to add contracts for your clients.

As an Administrator, click on your initials on the top-right of the screen, go to 'My profile' and select 'Client Access.' From here, tick the 'Create Contracts' checkbox against the client(s) you want this permission enabled for.

Ensure you have the 'Create contracts' and 'Preview contracts' permissions switched on for your profile. To check your permissions, go to your profile again and click 'Permissions.'

To have full access to the contracts you are a member of, enable the 'Full contract access' permission.

Note: If you don't see this permission enabled for your profile, contact your Administrator

How to create contracts

1. Select the client you want to create a contract for. Ensure the client has the permission switched on, as described in the previous section.

2. Open the matter you want to create the contract in and go to the Contracts tab.

Click '+ Add contract'

3. Once you have selected the contract type, click on 'Add by upload'.

4. The screen will update and show all the fields set up for the contract type. All fields marked in red or with an asterisk must be filled in. The last step in creating a contract is adding a contract file to activate the 'Create Contract' button.

Working with contracts

Once you create the contract, you will automatically become the Contract Owner and be able to see the matter it is linked to from the top left side of the screen.

The contract will automatically inherit all the members that were initial members of the matter. Adding other users to the contract is restricted to the users of the client's organization. You cannot add members from your own organization to the contract.

For a tab-by-tab tour around the contract interface, please check this article.

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