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How to void contracts

Contracts can be voided by clicking on the ellipsis button on the right-hand side of the Contract page.

Note that this can only be done by the Contract Owner, but anyone can allocate themselves as the Contract Owner. Simply use the edit button to search for and allocate yourself.

Once you have allocated a new owner, you may need to refresh your browser for the options to show:

If the Contract Owner field does not appear as an option either in the General Information or Contract Details, then it needs to be added from Settings / Contract Management / Contract Types. Note: This can be configured by the Org admin.

To Unvoid the contract, follow the same steps accessing the Ellipses option and Unvoid to draft or click on the Void Stage to trigger this window, after which you can pick Open in Draft.

How to delete contracts

Similarly, contracts can also be deleted from the Ellipses button :

  • If you have the 'Delete own contracts' permission enabled in your profile ( to check, go to your Profile picture top right / Permissions )

  • If you are an Administrator with the 'Delete all contracts' permission

If you want to delete multiple contracts simultaneously, you can take advantage of the Bulk Delete option from the grid.

Start by ticking the contracts from the grid. The Delete icon will appear on top of the contract list and a modal will appear to confirm the deletion. Select Delete contracts to proceed.

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