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Bulk Matter and Contract Actions (download and delete)
Bulk Matter and Contract Actions (download and delete)

How to bulk delete and download matters and contracts from the grid

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Bulk delete matters and contracts

Users with Organization Administrator privileges can delete matters or contracts from the grid. Ensure you have the 'Delete all matters/contracts' permission available ( To check that, go to My profile then select Permissions )

Select the matters/contracts you want to delete for the trash can to appear.

Once you click on the trash can, you will get an additional prompt message as the matters will be deleted permanently.

On the other hand, In-house legal users and Contributors have the ability to delete their own matters/contracts. The below permission lets them delete those matters that they are either in a Matter Owner, Matter Manager, or Matter Delegate or Contracts they are the owner of.

⚠️ If you accidentally delete a matter/contract, get in touch with the LawVu Support team to get it restored.

Bulk download matters and contracts

Contracts can be downloaded in bulk from the grid view using the download icon.

Watch this animation to see how to download several contracts in bulk :

Note - Hitting the 'x' button dismisses the download notification; the actual download will continue in the background.

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