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How to export any matter or contract to your local drive
How to export any matter or contract to your local drive

Create a local copy of your matters or contracts using our simple Export function

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The LawVu management system allows you to export any individual matter or contract to your local drive.

Exporting a matter or contract creates a zip folder that bundles together all the important information, which can then be transferred to your own document management system as needed.

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How the export works

The following workflow is described for matters, but contracts behave similarly.

Simply click the Ellipsis button (the three dots) within Matter Details and select Export Matter:

Depending on the number and size of the files attached to the matter it can take a few minutes to create the download package. When the file is ready to download, you will receive both an email and an in-app notification, which you can access to start the download:

The download package

The download package is a .zip summary of all the information contained in the matter, including Files, Messages, Invoices, Emails, Matter Activity, etc. which you can access from the Downloads folder of your local drive :

To see how to perform a matter export, please watch the animation below:

Bulk export from the matter/contract grid

You also have the ability to bulk export matters and contracts from your saved views by clicking on the Export icon found on the right-hand side of your grid view.

You can also bulk export several matters/contracts from the search results. To learn more, check this article: Bulk Export from Search Results

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