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Bulk Export from search results
Bulk Export from search results

Download locally multiple matters, contracts, files or conversations from LawVu search results

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The LawVu document management system allows you to bulk export multiple Matters, Contracts, Files, Conversations, and Knowledge files (and the data associated with them) at the same time to your local drive from the search results.

The export results in a .zip folder that you can extract and use locally.

Before exporting the data, you might want to check this article to learn how you can make your search results more accurate: How to refine your search.

In this article:

How to bulk export from search results

Search by keywords in the top global search bar to display a list of all Matters / Files / Conversations / Contracts or Knowledge matches available on the platform. Browse through the different tabs to identify the information you are looking for.

Select or multi-select the checkboxes on the left side of the results and click the Download icon to start the export. Marking the checkbox at the top will select all results on the page.

Once you click Download, the .zip bundle will be prepared.

It can take a few minutes to create the download package depending on the number and size of the attached files.

When the .zip file is ready to download, you will receive both an email and an in-app notification, which you can access to start the download for the next 48 hours:

The download package

The download package is a .zip summary of all the information contained in the matter, contract, and knowledge, which you can access from the Downloads folder of your local drive.

The folders will be named by their respective LawVu ID and the Matter/Contract name.

Each subfolder will have a structure that reflects any available:

  • Conversations

  • Scope

  • Files

  • Contract document

  • Amendments

  • Statements of work

  • Invoices

  • Emails

  • Matter/Contract Activity

The Summary.html file will display all components of your matters/contracts split into sections relevant to that matter/contract :


  • The .assets folder should not be changed in any way as it contains important information for the correct display of the Summary.html file.

  • Users who are limited members on matters and/or contracts will receive a message telling them they cannot export those specific items but will still be allowed to export the items they are allowed to.

  • Users who are members of private conversations and folders will have the conversations and folders included in their export.

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