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How to delete a matter

To delete a matter look for the Ellipses button ( the three dots ) menu on the right-hand side of the Matter Details and select Delete Matter

You will then be notified that deleting the matter will also delete any associated files and contracts.

If you want to delete multiple matters simultaneously, you can take advantage of the bulk delete option from the grid.

Remember that you need to have the right permissions to delete matters - start by ticking matters from the grid, the Delete icon will appear on top of the matter list and a modal will appear to confirm the deletion. Select Delete matters to proceed.

Who can delete matters?

If you are an Administrator, and you have this permission, then you can delete any matter in your organization:

If you are an In-House Legal team member or Contributor and your Administrator has switched on this permission for you, you will be able to delete any matters where you are an owner, manager, or delegate.

If you find you cannot delete your own matters, please contact your Administrator and ask him to grant you this permission.

If you are a Standard User, please contact the Matter Manager/Administrator and ask them to delete the matter/contract for you.

How to become a matter owner/manager

Just click on the person listed as the Matter owner or manager at the top right of the matter - a dialog window will appear and you can assign yourself accordingly.

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