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How to void, unvoid, or delete a contract
How to void, unvoid, or delete a contract

Voiding or deleting contracts requires the right permissions.

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How to void contracts

Contracts can be voided by clicking on the ellipsis button on the right-hand side of the Overview tab and selecting Void Contract.

Only Contract Owners can void contracts. The 'Void Contract' option won't appear in the ellipsis menu if you are not the Owner. However, you can make yourself the Owner or assign ownership to other users by clicking the Contract Owner field, entering the desired user's name into the search box, and selecting them.

Once you have made yourself the Owner, you may need to refresh your browser for the ownership change to take effect:

If the 'Contract Owner' field does not appear as an option in 'General Information' or 'Contract Details', then an Organization Administrator needs to add it from Settings / Contract Management / Contract Types.

Note: If you are a user without the full contract access permission enabled in your profile (in the example below, we see a Business user without this permission enabled), then you will only see a preview of the contract. You won't be able to fully open it, so you cannot change the Contract Owner.

How to unvoid contracts

To unvoid a contract, click the ellipsis button and select Unvoid to draft.

Alternatively, you can also click the Stage button and select Open in Draft.

How to delete contracts

If the following permissions are enabled in your user profile:

  • Delete own contracts

  • Or, Delete all contracts if you're an Administrator.

Then you'll see the Delete Contract option in the ellipsis menu.

Note: Business users can't delete contracts, so they won't see this option in their profiles.

When you want to delete multiple contracts simultaneously, use the Bulk Delete option from the grid.

Start by selecting the contracts, and the Delete icon will appear on top of the contract list, followed by a dialogue box asking you to confirm deletion. Select Delete contracts to proceed.

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