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Contract execution is the most important step in the contract management process

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An executed contract is a finalized agreement that has passed the sign stage and been agreed to by all necessary parties.

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How to move a contract to executed

There are currently three ways to move a contract into the Executed stage:

1. When the contract that you are uploading to LawVu is already signed

If the โ€˜Is the contract already signed?โ€™ field has been added to the contract type by your Administrator, and you mark it as checked in the create form ( see screenshot ), then the contract will move to the Executed stage on creation.

2. You move the contract manually to Executed

3. The stage moves from Signing to Executed automatically when a document is returned from DocuSign or AdobeSign or when you upload a signed version of the contract, and the current stage is Signing

How to move the contract out of executed

Sometimes a contract is moved to Executed by mistake.

The only way to move a contract out of the Executed state and upload a new version is to void and unvoid the contract back to draft.

To void the contract, click the ellipsis (3 dots) button on the right of the screen and select the Void Contract option. Now refresh your browser.

The contract will now be listed as void. Click the ellipsis button again and select the Unvoid to Draft option.

You can now upload a new version of the contract file. If you upload a signed copy of the contract, it will shift the contract immediately to an Executed state

โ€‹Note that only the Contract Owner can void contracts, but anyone can change themselves to the Contract Owner. Go to the 'Contract owner' field and search for your name to allocate yourself as the owner.

If the Contract Owner field is missing, then contact your Administrator. The admin will need to go to Settings / Contract Management / Contract types and add the 'Contract owner' field to the missing contract type.

Frequently asked questions

How can I control the notifications I receive for executed contracts?

Under your Profile/ Notifications / Contract notifications, you can control whether you want to receive notifications for executed contracts by email, in the app, both, or not at all.

โ€‹Can I get a list of all executed contracts and their dates?

Yes! The executed date commonly surfaced in the preview header under state 'Executed'. can also be added to your Contracts grid alongside the Stage so you can filter executed contracts within a time period.

How can I ensure the required information is captured before executing a contract?

Your Administrator can add a Completion Form to the Contract Type config area to specify the fields that should be completed before executing a contract. They also can mark the field as required so that the contract cannot be executed without a value in the field. These fields are then displayed to the user moving the contract to the Executed stage at any point.

Read this article for more information: The Contract Completion Form

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