The Contract Completion Form

The way to make sure all required actions have been completed before executing a contract

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What is the contract completion form?

The contract completion form adds a new step to your contract completion workflow to ensure all required actions have been completed before closing a contract.

To access it, go to Settings > Contract Management > Contract types and select the Contract type for which you want to set up the Completion Form:

Be aware that only fields from the Contract details and Special fields can be added to your Completion form.

Select the fields you want to add to the Completion form. You then have the option to mark them as required, in which case the contract cannot be closed unless data has been entered:

Complete contract reminder before moving to the executed stage

There is also a reminder to complete the contract before it can be moved to the Executed stage. The user will be prompted to complete the contract by filling in the information in the empty fields.

As there are different ways to move the contract state to executed, the contract completion modal will be prompted at different times. For example, when sending the contract out for signing, if you choose the 'move to executed' option, you will be prompted to complete the contract before sending it for signing.

If there is any required field (marked with a red asterisk), the Done button will not become active until data is entered.

If these empty fields are not set to be required, the user will have the option to execute the contract anyway by clicking on the Done button in the modal.

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