Understanding expired contracts

Managing contracts that have reached their end date.

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Expired contracts are legally binding agreements that have reached their predetermined end date and are no longer in effect.

LawVu considers a contract as expired when the Expiry Date field, located at the top right of the contract, reaches the specified date.

The expiry date

The 'Expiry date' field can be included in the Create and Completion form of selected contract types, allowing users to specify when the contract will no longer be in effect during the contract creation process and/or when executing a contract.

It's important to note that the field is not available in the Contract Details tab.

To adjust the Expiry date of a contract, click on the Expiry icon on the right side of the Overview tab above the ellipsis button and enter the appropriate date.

You can also delete an expiry date:

Renew contracts

Read this article to learn how to renew expired contracts.

Contract expiry notifications

30 days prior to a contract expiring, an email reminder is sent to the all the members of the contract.

On the date the contract expires, the contract members are again notified.

These notifications are automatically sent based on the contract's expiration date and cannot be turned on/off from the 'Notifications' area of your profile.

View all expired contracts from the grid

Identifying and tracking expired contracts allows you to keep accurate records of your contractual commitments and obligations.

To easily surface all expired contracts in your repository, you can add the Stage attribute to your All contracts/My contracts grid and filter by Expired.

Here is a visual animation to guide you through the process.

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