The Matter Completion Form

The way to make sure all required actions have been completed before closing a matter

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What is the matter completion form?

The matter completion form adds a new step to your matter completion workflow to ensure all required actions have been completed before closing a matter.

To access it, go to Settings > Matter Management > Matter types and select the Matter type for which you want to set up the Completion Form.

Be aware that only fields from the Matter Details can be added to your Completion Form.

Select the fields you want to add to the matter completion form. You then have the option to mark them as required, in which case the matter cannot be closed unless data has been entered:

Changing state to Complete and reminders for uncompleted tasks

There is also a reminder for uncompleted tasks. The user will be prompted to mark these tasks as done when shifting a matter to complete.

When prompted that there are incomplete tasks, the user will have the option to Continue to close the matter without completing the tasks or close the modal by clicking Cancel and marking the tasks as complete first prior to closing the matter.

All fields marked with a red asterisk are required and must be completed before you can move forward and click Done.

On the other hand, you will still be prompted with the below default complete matter modal if no fields are added to the matter completion form.

This includes a reminder asking if all billing has been completed on this matter. You can also request feedback from anyone in your organization by clicking the β€œ+Select person” icon and typing a name. That person will then receive an email inviting them to provide feedback on this specific matter.

Feedback report on completed matters

To extract the scores for the requested feedback, you can add below matter attributes to the matter grid:

  • Feedback submitter

  • Feedback score

  • Feedback submitted date

Once they are added, you can export the Feedback data along with the rest of the columns found in the grid by clicking the Export icon found on the right-hand side of the page.

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