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How to show or hide completed matters in your matter grid
How to show or hide completed matters in your matter grid

A way to filter your matter list to show or hide completed items

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To show or hide completed matters, you will need to add the 'State' column to your matter list. To add the 'State' column, just look for the below-highlighted icon at the top right corner of your matter list.

A column selector will pop up, and you'll find the 'State' attribute near the top on the left - just drag it over to the top of the list on the right - then click Apply.

The column should now appear on your matter grid, and you can then click on the 'Filter' icon to choose which state(s) you want to view.

Choose the relevant options and click 'Filter'

Watch this short animation to see how to filter on matters that are Complete:

The list will refresh, and you can either update the existing view by pressing 'Save' or create a new view by pressing 'Save as.' To know more about Saved views, click here.

You can use this method to apply filters to any column of the matters list.

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