Do you find yourself re-organizing your matter/contract list again and again throughout the day to create reports, track what is going on in different departments, or group matters according to their different states? Are you regularly adding and removing columns, applying filters, or reordering columns and rows?

For easy and repeated reference, simply create each view once, save it, and come back to it whenever you need to.

Save your preferred views

Anytime you make a change to the grid layout (adding remove columns, applying a filter, etc.), the “Save” or "Save as" options will appear.

Selecting "Save" will replace the grid view with your newly made changes.

Selecting "Save as..." allows you to save that grid configuration into your 'My views' area so you can come back to it at a later moment in time.

Keep in mind that simply editing the grid of your Saved view will not automatically save the changes. If you switch to another view and then return without saving, the grid will revert to the original view before the changes were made. Remember to click 'Save' to keep your changes or 'Save as' to create a new view.

Your list of saved views appears under My Views on the left. There is no limit to the number of views you can save. And you can always rename and delete them if needed, click the ellipsis button beside the Saved view to see these options.

To facilitate collaboration, these views can then be shared with your team.

Check this article to find out How to share views with other people.

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