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You can send and receive shared views for matters and contracts - making it easy to set things up for your team.

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The matter and contract lists are very flexible and can have many columns and filters applied, giving you a powerful way to zero in on the matters or contracts you need to find. You can also share those views with other people in your organization.

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Sharing a view with other people

To share a view with others, just click on one of your existing saved views (or make a new one), look for the 'ellipsis' icon to the right (circled below), and choose the 'Share' option.

Another window will pop up, and you can choose the people that you want to share the view with.

Add as many people as you need and click the Save button.

Once shared, the saved view will appear on the other user's 'Shared with me' list.

Important Note about Shared Views

Do not initiate shared views from My Matters! Regardless of filters in play, starting a shared view from the My Matters grid immediately skews the data, even before you begin selecting columns and applying filters. This is because the number of results visible in the My Matters view will vary for different team members based on their individual permissions.

To create a stable shared view, ensure that you start from All Matters, then filter by matter manager, active matters, and so on, before sharing with the rest of the team.

Updates to shared views

Whenever the author updates a shared view - the view from all of the people to whom it has been shared will be updated instantly - however, they may need to refresh their browsers to see the changes.

To stop sharing a view with someone, Click Share again next to the Ellipsis button "..." then click the remove button next to the user's name and Save changes:

Removing yourself from a shared view

You can remove a shared view by clicking on the ellipsis button from Shared with Me and selecting Remove.

Why are there differences between shared views?

If you and a teammate find there are disparities between your shared views, it is likely due to one of the following reasons:

  • One of the teams has different filters engaged on their matters grid. Be sure to clear any extra filters.

  • There may be different permissions in play. For example, team members who are excluded from Restricted matters will not be able to view those matters in their grid.

  • As mentioned above, ensure that the saved view was not initiated from a My Matters grid, as this will have skewed the data. Shared views should only be initiated from the All Matters grid.

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