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Permanently delete your data from LawVu
Permanently delete your data from LawVu
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​Who can use this feature?

πŸ‘€ Organization Administrators

πŸ”‘ Needs the 'Permanently delete matters/contracts' permission

LawVu ensures the highest standards of data security and privacy and complies with the Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Organization admins will now have the ability to permanently delete their data from the system once the data retention expires. This enables our customers to have complete control over the lifecycle of their data and also adhere to the organization's data deletion policy.

In this article, you will learn:

Who can permanently delete data?

LawVu Administrators who have these permissions switched on for their profile can permanently delete matters and contracts from the system ( My profile / Permissions )

Prepare the data to be deleted

It is recommended to organize the data you want to be permanently deleted first.

Start by creating a saved view under your Matters/Contracts grid for each of your Data retention policies.

  • Add a Date attribute to the grid that aligns with your company policies. This can be the creation date, expiry, or any other Date attribute.

  • Filter this attribute on the dates required with relative date filtering. You can set a filter only to show data that is 'older than' a specific date.

  • Save the new view under your saved views so you can access it later.

It can be helpful to set a reminder for deletion so that you get notified when it is time to delete the data. From the Hub's Home page, add a To-do, which will trigger a notification to your inbox and in the app on that day.

On the selected date, go to your saved view and delete the items ( together with the saved view to avoid confusion).

Permanently delete data

To permanently delete matters and contracts, go to Settings/Deleted Items (or to Settings / Dashboard / Deleted Items)

From here, you can bulk-select all items or drill down on specific ones by adding a new filter for matters 'older than x days' or 'in the last x days'

Hit the 'Permanently delete' icon available at the top of the grid.

⚠️ Be aware that once the matters and contracts are permanently deleted, you will not be able to recover them anymore.

Once the items have been permanently removed, you will receive an email notification informing you of this, and you can access a track record of these items through Settings/Account Activity.

Data that is permanently deleted will be removed from any reporting dashboards but will remain time-stamped.

How it works

How does it work for matters?

  • If a matter has a child or parent matter, then only the matter selected will be deleted. The child and parent matter should remain undeleted.

  • When permanently deleting a matter, all associated files and linked contracts will be deleted. However, some of the notifications will not be deleted.

  • If the matter includes any invoices, you will be able to download them before proceeding.

How does it work for contracts?

  • When deleting a contract, the SOW and any amendments will also be deleted.

  • All associated files will be permanently deleted.

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