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These are words you’ll commonly see when you use LawVu:



Alerts that require your attention to progress in something. These can include items such as a Matter Manager assignment needing acceptance, a status update request, a contract approval request, an invoice approval request or an organization invite request.


Your history logs, everything that happens in LawVu gets recorded in a log that you can review at any time.

Administrator Groups

Users added to these groups can see all matters, contracts, time entries or RFPs created by all users (except for restricted ones).


Person who manages the LawVu workspace, including adding people and managing permissions for the entire organization.

AI Assist

Feature that utilizes the capabilities of generative AI, specifically Microsoft Azure OpenAI, to provide contract document summarization and answer queries about the contract document.

AI Bulk Contract Import and Review

Allows for the easy and accurate importation of existing /legacy contracts by leveraging powerful AI technology to automate the collection, extraction, and assignment of metadata, streamlining the contract import and review process.

Approval Workflows

Workflows that ensure that contracts are approved by the relevant parties before they are signed.

Billing Only

A restricted level of access that allows Legal Service Providers to upload invoices but restricts their visibility and participation in matters and contracts beyond invoicing.

Business Portal

The main platform for Business Users to connect with their legal department, submit and track requests, and access knowledge articles for the information they need.

Bulk Reassignment

Reassign owners and managers and add or remove members for matters or contracts, in bulk, directly from the grid.

Conditional Intake Forms

Smart forms set up by LawVu Administrators for matters and contracts, which can adjust based on user input. These forms dynamically display or hide fields and options based on the responses given in preceding fields.

Connected Legal Certification

The first certification for in-house legal.

Contract group

A collection of related contract types. It helps you organize and manage contracts more easily. When creating a new contract, you choose the group first, and then select the specific contract type from within that group.

Contract owner

The person who is in charge and responsible for the contract record.

Contract type

A way to categorize the type of legal contract you are working on, allowing for easy reporting in the future.

Contract Self Service

Allows business users to upload or create contracts through the Business Portal, enabling them to independently manage and work with their contracts directly from Preview mode.

Contract Wizard

A master contract template used to create customized instances of that contract.


Default permissions

Feature that allows you to set the same set of permissions for each role.


Team members whom you can assign to share your workload and allow them to perform actions on your behalf, maintaining visibility and control over matters without the need for reassignment.


View a complete list of all the Legal service providers and organizations that your legal team works with, add new ones or remove existing ones.


Automate the invoicing process, allowing for the submission of invoices in electronic format between the legal department and external legal service providers, such as law firms.

File Content Indexing (FCI)

Feature that enables you to search and locate any word or phrase, regardless of where it is located within a file. If you would like to turn on FCI for your organization, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

Folder templates

Allow you to automatically add standard folders and files to your new matters and contracts, streamlining the organization of your Files tab without manual effort.


General Conversation

The initial conversation created automatically when a new matter or contract is generated. It serves as a platform for public discussions and system-generated messages related to the matter or contract.


Your default landing page in LawVu. It contains an overview of everything you have on the go and lets you see what you have been working on, the items that are waiting for you and require action, and what you've got coming up.


LawVu newsletter of all the new features released in the last month for LawVu customers


LawVu's data and analytics capabilities that provides deep insights into in-house performance, outside counsel, and spend management. Contact your CSM to get it enabled for you.

In-line editing

Allows you to treat the matter or contract grid a little more like a spreadsheet in that you can switch the grid/list into an 'editable' mode and make changes directly to some fields without having to open the matter or contract to do so.


A community for in-house legal professionals to learn, connect, and share.

Intake Manager

A person in the organization that is able to triage and assign matters to different people and teams.

Intake queue

Triage queue for new matters that need to be assigned to a matter manager.


Landing Page

The initial page that users are directed to upon logging into LawVu.

LawVu Academy

Educational platform offered by LawVu that provides training and resources to individuals and legal teams for enhancing their skills in in-house legal operations and utilizing LawVu's software effectively.

LawVu ID

Unique identifier for a matter or contract.

Limited member access

Permission in LawVu. When a member has limited access, they have read-only access to matter details.


Matter completion form

Form that appears when a matter is being closed, ensuring that all necessary actions have been successfully completed before finalizing the matter.

Matter manager

Is an individual who collaborates closely with the matter owner to oversee and facilitate the progress of a legal matter from start to finish. Overall, the role of a matter manager is to facilitate seamless coordination, efficient progress, and successful completion of legal matters by working harmoniously with the matter owner.

Matter owner

Whenever matters are created, they will have a default matter owner who is a member of that organization - this will usually be the person who created the matter. The matter owner (or their delegates) has full control over every aspect of a matter.

Matter type

A way to categorize the type of legal matter you are working on, allowing for easy reporting in the future. When creating a new matter, selecting a matter type is the first step.


Alerts that someone has @mentioned you in a conversation.


Informative alerts received either in-app or via email.

No access

Clients can engage with Outside Counsel and LSPs through a No Access collaboration which means that they can still upload invoices on their behalf, however that the LSP will not have access to their instance of LawVu.



The LawVu calendar which gives you insight into essential dates across matters, contracts, tasks, and to-dos. Use it to keep an eye on matters and tasks that are due soon, expiring contracts, and personal reminders.

Power Platform connector

Hosted on Microsoft's platform, it offers a straightforward method to build bespoke workflows and connect LawVu with the tools businesses are already utilizing. By using this connector, users can streamline their workflows by integrating LawVu with other tech solutions.

Request for Proposal (RFP)

Formal request that companies send to legal service providers, asking them to submit proposals outlining their qualifications and pricing for a specific legal project or engagement, helping the company evaluate and select the most suitable provider for their needs.

Saved views

A stored configuration of grid layouts and preferences for easy retrieval and reference.

Simple Ticketing

Feature that allows standard users and contributors to submit a request to legal without naming the matter or assigning a matter manager.

Spend Management

Capability in LawVu that allows you to control your legal spend and improve the way you work with legal service providers (LSPs) and outside counsel.

Statement of Work (SOW)

A tab within your contracts, where users can find and access detailed descriptions of the specific work to be performed under a contract. If the SOW tab is not visible to you, it is recommended to contact Customer Support for assistance in enabling this feature.


Illustrates the contracts' current phase along the contract lifecycle, be it in draft, negotiating, approval, signing or executed


Illustrates the matters’ current state, be it active, on hold, or closed.


Labels or keywords that can be assigned to matters and files to categorize and organize them based on specific criteria.


An enhanced version of a "To-do" list, providing a more comprehensive approach to managing work items. They allow you to capture additional details such as dates, files, and discussions related to the task.


Groups of people that can be organized, named, and assigned specific rules for automatic assignment of matters or contracts, as well as defining visibility hierarchies between teams, allowing for efficient workflow management and collaboration.

Time batch

A group or collection of time entries.

Time entries

Time spent engaged on particular matters, often tracked for billing purposes.

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