Getting Started with LawVu Spend Management

For LawVu customers and collaborating law firms, get started with LawVu's spend management and collaboration features outlined below.

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LawVu Spend is a comprehensive solution designed for in-house legal teams and their external law firms. It offers a range of features, including E-billing, spend management, and external counsel management.

By seamlessly integrating with LawVu Matters and Contracts, LawVu Spend provides a holistic platform for effective engagement and collaboration with outside counsel. It also allows for easy ingestion of law firm invoices, ensuring a streamlined and efficient billing process. With LawVu Spend, legal teams can enhance their interactions with external counsel while efficiently managing the financial aspects of their legal operations.


Get started as either a LawVu Customer or Law Firm, below:

Law Firms

6. Law Firms: Create contracts

LawVu Customers

1. LawVu Customers: The Directory

6. LawVu Customers: How to manage Spend?

For LawVu customers, you can click here to access detailed information on how to utilize the "Invoicing" feature within LawVu. This resource will provide you with comprehensive guidance and instructions on effectively utilizing the invoicing functionality to streamline your billing processes and manage financial aspects within the LawVu platform.


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