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Law Firms, Article 4: Completing matters and Report on completed matters
Law Firms, Article 4: Completing matters and Report on completed matters

Completing and reporting on matters, for law firms.

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Once a matter is active, it can be worked on until it is complete. Then, you can mark it as “Completed.”

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Mark a matter as complete

1 - To change the state of a matter, first ensure that you are the “Matter Manager.”

2 - Navigate to the “Matter Details” tab and click on the 3-dot “ellipsis button” on the right-hand side.

3 - Select the first option in the drop-down; “Change State.” You have the option to either put the matter on hold or mark it as “Complete.”

4 - If there is a completion form set up for the matter, fill in the required fields before marking the matter as completed.

A reminder message will pop up, asking if all billing for this matter has been finalized and an option to request feedback.

5 - Once done, an automated email will be sent to your client, notifying them that the matter has been marked as completed. The person you asked for feedback will receive an email to provide their feedback, and it is these responses that form the basis of your Net Promoter Score (NPS) in Reporting. Remember that NPS is only one of the reporting options.

Report on Completed Matters

1- To show or hide completed matters from the grid, you will need to add the 'State' column to your matter list. To add the 'State' column, just look for the below-highlighted icon at the top right corner of your matter list.

A column selector will pop up, and you'll find the 'State' attribute near the top on the left - just drag it over to the top of the list on the right - then click Apply.

The column should now appear on your matter grid, and you can then click on the 'Filter' icon and choose the 'Complete' from the options.

2 - You can also view high-level financial, matters, and performance for your organization by clicking the “Your Clients” tab on the left. Alternatively, you can drill down for client-specific data by selecting one of your clients from the left-hand menu. The “Dashboard” view displays matter type, fee, and NPS data, and can be filtered to include only a specified date range before being exported to Excel.

You also have the option to generate reports within the “Invoices” view for each Client. Simply select the desired date range and click to download the report in Excel format.

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