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The enhanced workspace experience is an upgrade to the user experience in the LawVu legal workspace—new menus and screens that give the people who work in LawVu day in and day out a faster path to the information they need and get through daily tasks.

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The Hub

The LawVu workspace offers you a fast path to access files, recent work, and parts of the product you commonly use.

These can all be accessed from the Hub, your landing page in LawVu.

The Hub contains an overview of everything you have on the go and lets you see what you have been working on, the items that are waiting for you and require action, and what you've got coming up.

The Hub has widgets for your Recent work, Actions, Matter Activity, To-dos, Planner, Matters view and Contracts view.

Scroll through your recent items list to get to the matters and contracts you are currently working on. Clicking on one of them takes you directly into the respective matter or contract:

Actions and Conversations are grouped under Inbox, with a numbered red dot over it when there are actions for you to take.

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Matter management

You can easily create matters by selecting the "+New" icon located at the top right corner of the screen, next to your profile.

You can raise different matters based on specific matter types that your business uses with configurable forms and triage intake forms.

Assign matters to individuals or teams, either internally or externally, and then work with the Matters grid to change their status,

Within Matter Management, you can:

  • Gain oversight of what matters your team is working on.

  • Save documents and emails in one secure place.

  • Collaborate with others, develop processes, and assign tasks.

  • Easy communication with other business users.

  • Prioritize work requests.

  • Share knowledge within your organization. Integration with Microsoft 365, Box, Google Suite, Workshare, Slack, and Salesforce.

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Contract management

Once you log in to the application, you can easily and quickly create contracts by clicking the '+Add new' icon on the top-right of the screen and selecting Contract.

The Contracts grid offers you:

  • Central repository for current, historical, and draft contract

  • Data analysis across all company contracts

  • Tracking of changes, personnel involved, conversations, decisions taken, and contract progress from drafting through to signing

  • Version control and version comparisons

  • Automated work-flow approval process

  • Calendar alerts to manage key contract dates

  • Contract lifecycle management

  • Integration with DocuSign and Adobe Sign

Discover the art of collaborating and effectively working with others on contracts through our comprehensive library of articles and documentation about contract management capabilities in LawVu accessible right here.

File management

Located on your left menu, your Hub - Files view gives you access to your documents and most recent work. The file type icons at the top display the documents you've recently accessed, and below them, you'll find a list of your most recently opened matters and contracts:

From the Files tab, depending on your work, you can edit the files in Word Online, search inside the Files tab, attach further files or folders, sync them with SharePoint, etc.

Use the Search bar at the top to find a specific file that's not in your recent list. Searching by keywords searches all the documents inside your matters or contracts :

For a complete guide, check the article Working with files.

Knowledge management

LawVu's Knowledge Base is a connected system where you can find information, documents, and advice easily with a single search. It allows you to create and share articles, store documents, and collaborate seamlessly with your legal team.

Click on the Knowledge icon to get started and add your first article:

You can easily build out a comprehensive knowledge base and guide your users down various paths (linking articles together) and allow them to create certain matters or contracts as you wish.

With a fully searchable database, you can access the information you need, right when you need it.

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LawVu integrates with numerous systems to enable seamless collaboration and enhance your workflow:

  • Create or update matters straight from email with our Outlook or Gmail integration.

  • Compare two versions of the file and version control with Workshare Compare, Microsoft 365

  • Send documents for digital signature with DocuSign or Adobe Sign.

  • Connect and sync files with other cloud systems like Box, Google Drive, and SharePoint.

  • Create matters and contracts in LawVu directly from opportunities in Salesforce.

  • Business Users can submit information requests to the legal team through Slack/MS Teams

  • Make secure logins a breeze with support for Single Sign-On via Azure directory services or Okta.

  • If our out-of-the-box integrations don’t do everything that you need, you can leverage the LawVu API to build your own for even more efficiency.

If you want to read about all these integrations and more, check out this collection.

Spend management

Spend Management helps you control legal spend and improve interactions with legal service providers and outside counsel. It offers complete visibility and control by centralizing requests, matters, documents, knowledge, invoices, and contracts, both in-house and with outside counsel.

With streamlined invoice submission and review processes, Spend Management accelerates payment times and provides data for budget planning and spending control. It also facilitates collaboration with outside counsel, ensuring alignment and data-driven decision-making.

The feature includes RFP management capabilities in LawVu Engage and provides valuable insights through interactive dashboards.

Check out this collection to get started.

Insights and Reporting

LawVu Insights provides deep insights into in-house performance, vendor performance and spend management.

These dashboards offer a user-friendly interface that allows you to easily sort, filter, and drill down to access the data you need efficiently. You can download these reports for quick sharing or further analysis. These reports are updated every day so you have the most accurate data available.

With LawVu Insights you can:

  • answer key questions about your workflow processes, costs, resources, and timeframes.

  • showcase the value of the legal departments to the rest of the organization

  • mare more impactful decision making, backed by data.

  • improve productivity by understanding workflows and the type of work being done and improve the performance of your in-house team.

You can read more about how to get started with Insights and the plans we have available in this article

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