Actions are alerts that require your attention to progress in something.

This ensures you know what is being asked of you, who requested it and how long it has been waiting. It prevents you from being a blocker by ensuring you are aware of your most critical tasks.

These can include items such as a Matter Manager assignment needing acceptance, a status update request, a contract approval request, an invoice approval request or an organization invite request.

To access your Actions list, click the Inbox - Actions icon from the left menu.

A numbered red dot displays next to it letting you know how many items require your attention.

Clicking on the Action will take you directly to the matter, contract or invoice that needs your attention from where you can accept/reject it.

Any comment you write when resolving the action will appear in the Notifications panel of the person who requested the action as well as in the Activity tab of the respective matter.

You can always go back and check your Completed actions list from the grid, and sort/filter it as needed:

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