Business Users logging into their LawVu account will experience an improved customer experience with our newest platform called 'LawVu Business Portal'.

You can think of the Business Portal as the 'front door' to your legal department, the best way for you to collaborate with the legal team, raise and follow up on your requests, and search the knowledge articles for the information you need.

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An Overview of LawVu Business Portal

LawVu Business Portal is the new legal portal where you can connect directly with the legal team in LawVu. The portal is meant to empower a better connection with the legal department, simplify logging new requests, review the status of the matters you have raised, and search for information in the knowledge section of the platform.

For an in-depth overview of the platform, you can read this article: LawVu Business Portal.

Note: 'Business Users' refers to current Standard Users, who are NOT Matter Contributors OR Contract Contributors.

How to Request Help from Your Legal Team

  1. Log into LawVu at

  2. Click on 'Make a legal request'

3. Select the appropriate matter type, click 'Next' and complete the form. Any field that is essential, will be denoted in red. You may then attach files as required.

By creating the matter you will become the Matter Owner.

You don't need to assign the matter to someone upon creation. It will drop into your legal team's Intake Queue and be assigned from there.

How to Review the Status of Your Previous Requests

This section displays a list of all the matters you have raised with the legal team, as well as matters or contracts of which you are a member.

  1. Click the 'My Work' icon in the ribbon and your matters and contracts will be displayed in a list-with-columns format called 'the grid'.

Also new in Business Portal, is the ability to switch the 'show team matters' toggle, on and off. This shows/hides the matters that have been assigned to the team the user is a member of:

2. Click on a matter to open the preview window on the right-hand side of the screen. From this view, you can check the current status, request a status update, start a conversation, or add people to an existing one, so they may take part in it.

To request an update you can either click on the + sign in the grid;

Or open the matter in preview mode, click 'Status Update' and then Request The request will go to the Matter Manager.

See the Actions You've Been Assigned

Actions are alerts. They call your attention to things that require an 'action' from you. They can include things such as a request for a status update, or for a contract or invoice to be approved.

Click the 'Actions' icon to bring up the action list.

Clicking on the action will take you directly to the item that needs your attention.

You can then click 'Review' to start working on the action until it is completed.


Search has also received refinements in its design. You can initiate searches from any page you are on in the Business Portal. However, the search results displayed are only relevant to the category from which you initiate your search. For example, if you search for the word 'Request' under the 'My Work' tab, you will receive the matches available under Matters:

You can also browse through the articles your legal team has created for you by initiating the search from the Knowledge Base icon in the ribbon. This space is meant to serve as a repository. It contains the most relevant and useful information you need for engagement and collaboration with your legal department.

Use the search bar to search for keywords or navigate the content categories using the menu on the left.

You can also open an article and view its attachments or download them to your local drive. This space is completely customized to help answer the questions you may have about working with the legal team.

If you are a Business User also working with contrats , please check the Contracts Self Service article available here.

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