An overview of the LawVu Business Portal
Key features for business and legal users
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LawVu Business Portal streamlines the intake process, allows business users to work more independently, and facilitates efficient and transparent collaboration between legal and business partners.

LawVu's new business portal promotes engagement and efficiency. It offers a simplified and targeted user experience for Business Users, while simultaneously providing In-house legal with an effective access point to their tools and resources.

Key Features of the Business Portal for the Business Users

Think of the Business Portal as the 'front door' to your legal department. It enables your business users to take action more quickly with customized information and streamlined interactions.

Business Users tend to use LawVu occasionally and must find what they need quickly. The Business Portal reduces information overload and creates a shorter path to the most important actions. It is designed just for them, with the articles, guidance, and calls to action they need.

LawVu Business Portal has:

  • Enhanced matter and contract grids

  • A new "My Actions" page

  • Refined search, sort, and filter capabilities to provide a faster path to access and update requests.

  • The ability to curate Knowledge Base content, which you can then control based on permissions.

  • The option to allow Business users to see the relevant and helpful information that will ensure successful engagement and collaboration with legal teams.

    To learn more about how business users can use the Business Portal, click here.

Key Features of the Business Portal for the Legal Team

For the legal team, the LawVu Business portal helps them use their expertise to increase self-service, reduce unnecessary back-and-forth, get better requests, and have more productive interactions with internal clients.

It also provides an easy way to create a customized, branded experience that makes business users feel welcome. It showcases curated content they can use to feel better equipped as they work, which results in less training and intervention from the legal team. In short, LawVu Business Portal will make business users more productive.

Along with those changes, the Business Portal has an upgraded search function and role-based, article-level permissions, giving the legal team a fully secure and easy-to-use repository of information. It essentially provides a platform that enables you to open your legal workspace to the rest of the business.

For an in-depth view of how the legal team can maximize expertise on the Business Portal, click here to open the Help article or watch the video available here

Note - This is a free upgrade for all our customers.

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