An overview of the LawVu Business Portal

Key features of the Business Portal for business and legal users.

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The LawVu Business Portal streamlines the intake process and allows business users to work more independently. It offers a user-friendly and personalized experience for business users as well as serves as a gateway to connect to the internal legal department.

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Key Features of the Business Portal for Business Users

The Business Portal serves as the 'front door' to your legal department. It caters to business users who may only use LawVu from time to time but require fast and efficient access to the information they need.

It is exclusively designed to meet their specific requirements, offering relevant articles, guidance, and calls to action.

The LawVu Business Portal has:

  • Enhanced matter and contract grids

  • "My Actions" page

  • Refined search, sort, and filter capabilities to provide a faster path to access and update requests.

  • The ability to curate Knowledge Base content, which you can then control based on permissions.

  • The option to allow Business users to see the relevant and helpful information that will ensure successful engagement and collaboration with legal teams.

To learn more about how business users can use the Business Portal, click here.

Key Features of the Business Portal for the Legal Team

The LawVu Business Portal benefits the legal team by enabling self-service, facilitating better requests, and streamlining communication with internal clients.

The legal team can create a personalized and user-friendly experience for business users, which can showcase carefully selected content to help business users feel more confident and capable in their work, leading to reduced training and intervention from the legal team.

It also has a search function and role-based article-level permissions, giving the legal team a fully secure and easy-to-use repository of information. It essentially provides a platform that enables you to open your legal workspace to the rest of the business.

For an in-depth view of how the legal team can maximize expertise on the Business Portal, click here to open the Help article or watch the video available here

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