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Overview of the LawVu Connector for Power Platform
Overview of the LawVu Connector for Power Platform

Build bespoke automation workflows to streamline legal operations

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Businesses have invested in valuable productivity tools and have set ways of working. LawVu is not a legal island! We make it easy for customers to work in their business context.

The legal workspace connects to our customers’ business and technology ecosystem, ensuring adoption and value from their investment in both LawVu and other tools.

Why use the LawVu Connector for Power Platform?

The LawVu connector is hosted on the trusted Microsoft 365 platform, providing an easy way to integrate LawVu with the tools you are already using.

With the LawVu connector, you can:

  • Connect LawVu to the other tech solutions you use to streamline your workflows

  • Use Microsoft Power Automate no-code workflow builder for a visual, drag-and-drop workflow builder that is intuitive and fast to set up

  • Create highly configurable workflows based on your organization's specific rules

  • Get first-class monitoring and alerting for when workflows fail to successfully run

Building bespoke automation workflows requires no coding skills, but if resources are a concern, we can connect you to our network of partners to help.

If you are comfortable in creating your own workflows, get in touch with your Customer Success Manager to get access, or simply go to the Settings / Integrations section inside the LawVu application.

What could I do with the LawVu Connector for Power Platform?

  • Automate intake routing based on specific rules using custom or standard LawVu Fields like region, priority, complexity, and value.

  • Smart task assignment: automatically assign a set of tasks based on any facet of a legal request.

  • Intake and triage using bots or Microsoft’s Power Virtual Agents

  • Send notifications to other platforms and channels such as Slack or Teams

  • Integrate with other systems such as NetDocuments, SAP, Salesforce, Dynamics 365, and more, to sync data or retrieve documents.

How to leverage Power Automate's triggers and actions to create a flow

Understanding the LawVu Connector for Power Platform

The LawVu connector contains a set of prebuilt triggers that allows you to automatically run workflows based on events in LawVu (e.g. contract executed, file uploaded, new matter created).

Within a workflow, you can apply prebuilt actions/steps which allow automation to interact with LawVu matters and contracts, removing the need for manual admin work.

The LawVu connector is just one of the many apps available on the Microsoft Power Platform, and you can use the connector to connect to other apps available on the platform. If you need resources to help build workflows using the connector, we have a network of partners to help.

Check out this article to read about Top 5 customized automation use cases from early adopters

Things to know

The LawVu connector can be used to interface natively with LawVu from

Power Automate, Power Apps (graphical), Power Virtual Agents (a bot framework).

  • The LawVu connector is hosted on Microsoft’s trusted and secure Azure data centre network.

  • You will require a Microsoft tenant to be able to access the connector and build workflows.

To get started, find a partner, or explore the options, get in touch with your LawVu representative or email us at

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