How to get the most out of the LawVu Business Portal

The LawVu Business Portal is more than just a landing page. Learn how to maximize its potential by creating your own workflows

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The LawVu Business Portal can be personalized in such a way that it benefits both the legal team and those business users that need legal's help.

Workflows can be created through the use of unique buttons and links that drive users to the appropriate guidance, article, or create form.

This article outlines the simple, practical steps you can take to ensure that the LawVu Business Portal page services the needs of your organization, while at the same time ensuring that much of the preliminary requirements are completed by your business users before they reach out to the legal team.

How to personalize the Business Portal

  • Personalize their landing page with logos and images.

  • Set up your intranet links so that your internal business users use

  • Remember that not all users will be familiar with LawVu, or with legal terminology. Present the fewest options possible on the home page.

  • Use clear language that the business user can easily understand.

  • Bundle your services into as few options as possible. For example, you might start with just three options:

    1. I need a Contract

    2. I need advice from the legal team, or

    3. I need help with LawVu

  • Structure your articles like a decision tree to direct the user to the correct matter type.

  • Sub-matter types (or sub-contract types) can be dealt with further on down the decision tree.

  • Order your matters and contracts so that the most common are displayed at the top of the list.

  • Avoid using legal jargon. For example, instead of just displaying “Litigation” as an option, try something like “There is a dispute or a potential dispute.”

  • Tailor your options from the business users' perspective. For example, your business user will likely be thinking along the lines of “We need to work with this company”, not “I need a Memorandum of Understanding.

To learn how to personalize the Business portal check this article : How to Customize the LawVu Business Portal as an Organization Administrator

Link to your Knowledge resources

LawVu's Knowledge capability can be used to store your most frequently used and shared items, such as your document or contract templates.

Having a robust Knowledge section in place will aid in the efficient use of LawVu Home.

To learn how to create, link, and share Knowledge Base articles, check this article

  • By setting up your Knowledge articles first, you can then create homepage buttons linking to those. Read how to do this here.

  • Additional resources can be added over time based on feedback from your users.

  • Gather data to determine the most common queries, then front-foot them on their home page by embedding FAQs in the decision tree process.

  • Include the information users need on the decision tree journey guiding them to the correct create form.

  • Include guidelines regarding things the business user will need before activating the create form e.g. “Have the correct third-party contract file to hand, ready to attach.

  • Encourage your business users to do their own research before getting legal involved e.g. search public databases for trademarks to see if their one exists.

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